Issues to be resolved

Natural Fruit and Beverage wanted a system for recording product traceability and process control. The site was very paper driven and there were many admin tasks associated with checking the paperwork, filing and auditing was a nightmare trying to piece all of the traceability paper together.

Action Taken

Tracesense implemented its process control and traceability module which allowed the site to remove paperwork for product start-up checks, line checks, temperature control checks and finished good recording.

Using the cloud platform the Tracesense software also allows for images to be captured as photographic evidence, incident capturing live in the incident log to keep track of non-conformances and to ensure they were closed out.

The system also accounts for GMP Auditing, Product Dispatch, and Stock Control (Maintenance Components).

Since implementation the site has eliminated the time associated with manual admin tasks and gathering data is achieved with a few clicks in the dashboard.

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