Commodities – Enhancements

  • Recipes created will now save as commodity items also automatically for stock allocation and consumption.

Recipes – Enhancements

  • Default stock location added for recipes after completion.

Commodities – Bug Fixes

  • Commodity Type after amending redirect has been fixed.

Maintenance Module – Enhancements

  • Critical priority added to work orders, requests, unplanned maintenance & planned tasks.
  • Job reference number has been changed to format DDMMYY-0001 for all maintenance checks.
  • Maintenance ‘Checks’ has been expanded to include daily, weekly, fortnightly, etc alongside product start up checks.

Maintenance Module – Bug Fixes

  • Fix for converting a work order to a work request that the job number was not auto-generating.

Users – Enhancements

  • Organisation Admins can create, delete, update and change other users’ passwords for their organisation.
  • System will not allow additional users if the number of licences has been reached.
  • Labour rate has been added.

Users – Bug Fixes

  • Changing users’ passwords has now been fixed.
  • User profile amendment has now been fixed.

Scheduling – Enhancements

  • Job reference number has been changed to format DDMMYY-0001 for all production scheduling checks.

Batch Recording – Enhancements

  • Submixes can now be consumed in the batch recording if set up in the recipe steps.
  • Unique batch number will be created for every batch created and visible in the batch reporting.

Reports – Enhancements

  • Material variance report now highlighting batch consumption.
  • Mix traceability reports showing the unique batch numbers for individual batches.
  • Full traceability report breaking down data by relevant section. Option for CSV/Excel export has been added.

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