TraceSense offers a full end to end solution for food and drink traceability. The system offers an easy to use dashboard for managing reporting, data set up etc and a terminal section for operatives to complete their line checks easily.

The system uses real time alerting to prompt when codes are not correct, incident logs are raised, among others.

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Product Start Up Checks

Complete your product start up checks using a tablet with ease. Capture images of non-conformances, photographic evidence and complete code verification checks.

Batch Control

Connect one of our tablets to a compatible platform scale and use our system for recipe weigh down.

Our batch control system is the perfect way to ensure ingredients are measured & traced accurately and consistently, without costly giveaway or out of spec batches.

The system ensures each weighed ingredient has enforced tolerances, preventing recipe completion until the whole recipe is complete.

Once completed the batches are collated for the next step in the production process.

Rack N Track

Rack N Track allows you to record products produced against collated batches. The system allows you to ensure racks are used in rotation and you have full visibility of where the product goes.

Line Checks

Complete your Line Checks, Temperature Checks and if applicable Filler checks using our system.

Capture packaging components used and display photo standards to your staff. You can also display product specifications to easily in the system for reference also.

End Of Line Recording

Record finished good quantities for dispatch, capture packaging used at the line using the iPad device camera and mark items for export and rework.

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